About MPRV

Midlands Punk Rock Video – MPRV – began in 2015 as a guy with a camera filming punk gigs in Birmingham to show to his friends online who couldn’t be at the gigs. But, really, it began in the early 80s, when the team first started going to punk gigs and were documenting it by¬†taking photos, tape trading, and doing other things in the music world. You can read more about our personal backgrounds on our MPRV Team page.

During 2016, the team were involved in another project, which inspired us to strike out on our own. We want to provide a bit of news, entertainment, and live video footage from the UK punk scene to the world. Our goal is not only to cover the major punk bands that everyone knows and loves, but also the smaller bands who don’t get the coverage. We know that every big band out there today started as a local band with just two people at their gigs at some point – and the small bands of today could become the big bands of tomorrow, if enough people hear their music.

If you see us at a gig or festival, please come up and say hello – we love to meet new people!

Punk rock video news team in action
The MPRV punk rock video news team in action – Photo courtesy of Chris Hill Photography https://www.tcb-chrishillphoto.com/