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Bringing you the punk scene in the UK. Punk rock videos with live footage, interviews, and a bit of scene information. Of course, there’s coverage of local gigs along with festivals happening in the UK and on our travels, and we even have a touch of comedy and running story lines in some of our news reports.

MPRV News and Midlands Punk Rock Video want to bring you an honest, fun view of the UK punk scene that’s not only informative but entertaining.We want you to feel like you’re in the room with us.

We come from the old school DIY punk world, and we continue this ethos today. Don’t expect polished studio shots, perfection, or any glitz and glam – that’s not what we’re about. Nothing fake here.

Want to know more about who is bringing you MPRV? Take a look at our profile for information about a couple of old punks 🙂

Our goal is to get not only the well-known punk and hardcore bands seen, but also help the lesser-known bands get more coverage. We want to help people across the world discover smaller punk and hardcore bands that perhaps they’ve not encountered before.

Midlands Punk Rock Video – punk videos without limits. Honest, DIY, straightforward and here because of our life-long love of punk and gigs. We do not make money from MPRV. We are not monetised on YouTube, don’t sell DVDs of our footage, etc.

You can find our videos over on YouTube – be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss the latest offerings!

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